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The Recipe to Discover Indian Flavors in No Time.

The secret behind the taste of a food item is in the spices used. Bebe’s All Natural Masalas(Sauces) are a mixture of different spices that create a unique blend of masalas specially made & sourced in USA in our facility in South Amboy NJ. It is a perfect curation to make your cooking easier and faster. These delicious masalas not only make it faster and easier to make your meals but also make it nutritious. Our lip-smacking masalas are a perfect blend of spices that make your life easier and your food delicious. Our masalas are a combination/blend of various spices like fennel seeds, coriander seeds, turmeric, salt, black pepper and many more to name a few. Being made organically from these spices, our products carry the combination of benefits that all these spices offer individually. Loaded with health benefits, it becomes highly nutritious and adds to the nutritive value of your food. Apart from this, our masalas are sugar free, no added Preservatives, no fillers, all natural herbs & spices has 8 to 10 servings in each Jar unlike 2 to 4 from our competition. These masalas have very low number of calories, making it everyone’s favorite. Adding on to these benefits is the fact that these spices are also gluten free. Since these masalas cut the bar for everyone out there, they are a must have in all kitchens. These spices speed up the cooking process, simplify it manifold and make your food appetizing. You just have to sauté the Proteins, Vegetables, lentils or beans, add & mix with our masalas. Faster, easier and tastier food is just a step away and our affordable masalas acts as the step there!

Our’s is a “Time saving” Product for everyday working people who are always on the go, and have little time to prepare and enjoy those home cooked meals, that Mom or Grandma – used to prepare, and for the generation that is switching to and like and love Indian food & flavors, for those who want to try there hand on preparing it, but are always hard pressed on time and also don’t know where to start a delicious Indian Meal.
We will continue to post New recipes to make your life easy and help you create healthy delicious (Bebe’s) All Natural meals.
Story Behind us

‘BeBe’, pronounced ‘Bay-bay’, means ‘Grandmother’ or ‘Mother’ in the Punjabi Language, from the northern region of India. This is where ‘Bebe’s All Natural’ sauces and gravies originate from.

For years, Bunty mastered the art of preparing rich sauces and gravies for the world. Whether it was for a quick snack, or a gathering of family and friends, she always created some of the most authentic meals with love in each bite.

Bunty quickly realized that her sauces and gravies were the key to everyone’s heart. To simplify this time-consuming process in making the sauces, she started preparing jars to offer.

With this in mind, Bebe’s All Natural was born. We are thrilled to offer Bunty’s creation for yourself and whomever you wish to share it with.Are you looking to create an easy Indian meal or a quick snack?

Just open the jar! All you need is your imagination! Pair them with veggies, meats, seafood, chips, etc and you can enjoy mouthwatering meals and snacks from the convenience of your kitchen!” – Bunty

Introducing our time-saving solution for busy individuals craving authentic Indian flavors but short on time. Rediscover the taste of home-cooked meals with ease, even on the busiest days.

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